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Those Two Turrets

Will There Be Cake?

Steve & Gary
1 January
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Back in the good days of Aperture Science, two programmers named Steven Workman and Gary Dubusey were assigned the task of designing the AI for the military weapons project, VICTOR -- the design and construction of simple tripod turrets for basic surveillance. Steve and Gary did their jobs well, but got rather bored giving all the turrets the same "personality." So they took two at random -- Numbers 4 and 5 off the production line -- and programmed them with variants on their own personalities. Before their bosses could find out and order a wipe, however --

GLaDOS gassed the building.

And now, numbers 4 and 5 -- the new Steve and Gary -- are stuck in Aperture Science, obeying GLaDOS's orders in their own personal hell.

Do you know how boring it can be when you're the only two turrets around -- with AIs greater than a child's?

RP journal maintained by docsgirl. Steve and Gary are the turrets from Smooth Few Film's A Day in the Life of a Turret. (Steve is the Halo 3 fan, Gary the Call of Duty 4 fan). No infringement intended -- this is just for fun.